LuganoInScena presents:

Gardi Hutter, the most famous clown in Switzerland, and for many media, including the world, has teamed up with three young artists to create a "generational" show. They speak - living it directly on stage - of roots and wings, of stability and renewal, of the great exchange of generations that continually renew the course of life.

Hanna, the clownish alter ego of Gardi, has a lot of experience to die: in eight shows he dies seven times. Clownish death makes it possible to laugh about death - the original rice, invented by man to make peace with the idea of ​​his inevitable end.

In GAIA GAUDI Hanna died from the beginning. The public understands immediately, but not her. He certainly does not let himself be overwhelmed by something so small. It is said that the soul of a dead man remains in space for a moment. Hanna's soul is so agitated that the body is twisted: then it takes this "floating thing" and drags it beyond. He hears the loud noise from the new generation behind the door, which demand space.

Death, as well as any end, is always also a beginning, a birth, and in this sense it is only a passage: for believers to another world, for scientists to another state - and for artists towards a other fantasy.
The story is told by a clown, a singer, a dancer and a percussionist. Naturally, surprises are inevitable, as well as in real life.