A hungry mouse longingly watches a round cheese from a telescope stove pipe - so close and at the same time so unreachable: It dangles in a mousetrap! The ancestral portraits that dangle from the frame of the trap are warning enough for the mouse not to abandon herself so foolishly to „her beloved“. And yet, with persistence and cunning she manages to get herself the cheese without getting caught in the trap.
Cheese... Already the smell turns her knees to jelly. She’s addicted. She wants more, more... a fondue!!
Her greed makes her careless. Suddenly, she is in the trap. Her heart sinks into her boots – but she doesn’t get caught in the trap – the trap has started to rust. Now, the nice life in the detached family trap house can begin! The „prosperity mouse“ makes herself comfortable in her own little paradise: swing, TV, flowers, a flag: all cheese!
She has gotten fat and lazy. Boredom starts to creep in. Her dreams taste dusty. Even the most intensive cleaning program can’t drown the upcoming annoyance.
Then she sees the golden moon in the sky: „That is a cheese!!!“

What is gold for men is cheese for the mouse. Here the gold fever, there the cheese fever. Both lives are races full of obstacles – for gold, money or cheese, and they often risk their necks, too. And when they have been able to pile a lot of it, their main worry becomes the protection and augmentation of their riches. They also want all their dreams to come true... And that is where the devil chases its own tail. And so does the mouse!

of Gardi Hutter, Ferruccio Cainero, Mark Wetter
Regie: Ferruccio Cainero
Scene: Roli Beetschen
Music:  Franco Feruglio 

Photo: Susann Moser-Ehinger

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