Prompters, as a species of the root vegetable family, are threatened by extinction. They always look up to the world. Out from the hole, so to speak. They know the whole play and all the actors by heart. But nobody knows them. Their prompting is only desired when the actors lose their thread in the spotlight. Hanna, the prompter, lives for the theatre. And under the theatre. She’s made herself comfortable in the underground of the stage.
That way she can practically work from her bed and only has to dress up to her chest. You don’t see any more of her anyway. For the audience, she is invisible. Hanna works with dedication. She knows all actors by their voice – and by the smell of their feet. It’s a solitary life, but not a bad one. She’s come to terms with it and enjoys herself in her own, cranky way.
One day, the old theatre closes to make way for a new, modern theatre. Unfortunately, nobody remembered to tell the prompter the good news.

of: Gardi Hutter  
Regie: Fritzi Bisenz  -  Ueli Bichsel  
Music: Franco Feruglio  
Scene: Urs Moesch 
Mechanic: Martin Fischer  (a faire)  
LIGHT & SoUND:  Theo Bernardi, Raffaella Benini

Sponsored by:  Divisione di cultura del canton Ticino, Comune di Arzo
photo: Adriano Heitmann